Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction refers to an inability to attain or maintain an erection. There are many possible causes for the condition, including a number of diseases such as nerve disorders and diseases that affect blood flow. Psychological factors like anxiety, stress and depression can also contribute, while certain medications can also cause the condition.

In order to test for the condition, your doctor will perform a full physical examination to assess your overall health and look for any abnormalities. She may also do some psychological testing to check for signs of anxiety and depression.

Blood and urine tests can also be conducted, as these will help in detecting any signs of diseases that could be contributing to the condition, such as diabetes, heart, prostate disease and kidney disease. Your doctor may recommend an ultrasound to examine the blood flow in the penis.

Treatment for erectile dysfunction typically involves medication. There is a wide range of medicines available, and Dr Maharajh will prescribe the best option for your particular needs, taking into account any other conditions you may have.


Dr Suhani Maharajh is a Specialist Urologist in Durban. After completing her undergraduate training summa cum laude at Nelson R Mandela School of medicine, she pursued her true passion and qualified as a urologist in 2012 and was awarded the Lionel B Goldscmidt Medal.

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